Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Boobou Designs - Soft jewellery & accessories

Today we chat to Inspired:London featured designer, Boobou Designs.

What is name and background behind your company?
Boobou was my son’s nickname when he was a baby, even today most of the family still call him Mr Boo!
My business began when I had an idea for unusual accessories made from soft, luxurious fabrics that looked great on every type of woman.  I knew I had hit on a good idea when all my friends and family wanted me to make one for them.  I eventually got a market stall and the rest is history!!!

Where are you based?
I live and work in North London. 

How long have you been in business for?
Boobou Designs has now been going for over 4 years which is a fact I am really proud of!

What do you love most about living in London?
London is the melting pot of everything from style to food! I am one of my few friends who would move further in to London than out to the countryside! I think we have the best city in the world, fashion, history & culture all within easy reach.

Who or what inspires you?
Anything that looks a bit different, people who throw on a top and jeans and just look stylish and different from the crowd!

What advice would you give designers starting out?
Go for it, keep people around you who will be honest about your creations and get your pricing right! Something is only worth what people will pay for it however long it takes to make!

What is new for your company?
I am currently working with a new rubber which makes amazing bracelets and necklaces…watch this space!

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