Friday, 26 October 2012

Chantal Franks - Abstract art

Today we chat to Inspired:London featured designer, Chantal Franks.

What is name and background behind your company?
My name is Chantal Franks and I am an Artist. I paint in expressionist and abstract styles. My subjects vary from portraits to architecture and seascapes to nature and mysticism. I paint in mostly acrylic and inks.  I also do photography and write poetry and non-fiction.
Where are you based?
I am based in the Essex/East London area but I have exhibited in venues across the south east.

How long have you been in business for?
I have been trading since July 2011.
What do you love most about living in London?
What i love about living in the London area is that there is so much to be inspired by. London is one of the main centres of the planet so the energy generated by this city is such a gift. Living here is be connected to the pulse of the planet. It is a blessing to be living in such an amazing place. As the saying goes 'What's not to like!'.

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by beauty in all its forms.
What advice would you give designers starting out?
The advice I would give to other Artists starting out is it to take ownership over your own creativity and believe in yourself.

What is new for your company?
Looking to the future I am hoping to;
·         focus more on commissions for individuals and businesses.
·         produce more prints of my original work in various forms and sizes.
·         complete my illustrations for a new poetry book I am hoping to publish.
·         Produce a photographic collection of my work for exhibition and publication.
·         develop my website(s) and internet presence and
·         do more media work and promotion.

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