Friday, 26 October 2012

Chocolate Creative - Handmade Homewares

Today we chat to chocolate creative; another designer featured in We Make London's new book, Inspired:London

What is name and background behind your company? 
The name is chocolate creative, I founded the brand after many years working as a graphic designer back in Spain and in London. I felt I wanted to do something more hands on and to do with textiles so I began to study textiles and printmaking, and after selling the first cushions collection to Mint, the homeware shop in London,  I realized this is what I wanted to do, so started to invest my time, energy and money on creating chocolate creative.

Where are you based?
 I am based in my studio at home, in South London and in Spain where my partner works most of the time on the wooden products.

How long have you been in business for? 
I opened the online shop in November 2008, together with the blog.

What do you love most about living in London? 
The amazing opportunities this city brings you every day. And how many exciting events, places, architecture, people and many more you can get to meet and see, I like the art, design and craft scene, and how much support and recognition there is toward what we do. The markets, junk shops, antiques, independent shops, coffee places, restaurants, and the multicultural aspect of  an ever changing mega city.

Who or what inspires you? 
Nature, vintage images and crafts, art, museums, antiques, art, and very driven, passionate and creative people.

What advice would you give designers starting out? 
Make sure this is the path you want to take, and once you have made the decision don’t’ stop until you get where you want to be, don’t hesitate, be prepared to work very hard and sacrifice your social life and money, but in return you will learn that it is all worth, once you start making a living out of what you love.

What is new for your company? 
Keep growing the awareness and profile of the brand and company, create new products, focus and increasing direct sells, organize a show per year where to showcase new collections and in between all of this, have fun and live life to the full!.

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